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Aerospace Electronics & Avionics at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
Avionics Problems in Florida?
South Florida Avionics in Ft. Lauderdale
1090ES Transponders

Aerospace Electronics Inc. (AEI) is a full service avionics repair facility in South Florida at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, servicing aircraft owners nationwide with local focus on Southeast Florida from Tamiami to West Palm Beach.  The team at Aerospace has been maintaining avionics equipment for the past 40+ years in Ft. Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

While many avionics facilities offer only installations, relying on other shops for component troubleshooting and repair, AEI is able to complete all standard component repairs with in-house service saving you time and money.  Our personnel have been performing avionics repairs for over 30 years on over 15,000 aircraft to date.

Altitude Reporting Problems?

We perform altimeter and encoder correlations and transponder two year IFR certifications and repairs in accordance with FAA requirements for IFR and VFR flight under FAR 91.411 and 91.413.  RVSM capabilities in progress.  We are now Mode S and ADS-B capable.

With us you receive door to door service and pay much less than all other shops in the area.  Let Aerospace Electronics, Inc. service your avionics at a lower price! We perform repairs on most general aviation aircraft radios for sport aircraft, home builts, blimps and all make and model of helicopters.  We service the GOODYEAR Blimp.

We provide 12 month avionics annual inspections performed in accordance with your approved Aircraft Airworthiness inspection Procedure (AAIP).  Aerospace Electronics performs full avionics inspections and ELT testing using current generation ramp and bench test equipment. 121MHZ and 406MHZ.  We have over 130 years of cumulative experience and an FAA licensed A&P.  Very reasonable rates on all jobs.  

We are compliant with FAA FAR Part 91, 129 and 135 and have a current FAA assessment inspection program.  We have a current drug abatement program in effect and available upon request.

We provide sales & service of all major avionics manufacturers such as Appareo, Aspen, PS Engineering, Honeywell, King, Garmin, Cessna, Narco, TKM, Michels, Century, S-TEC, Avidyne, Bendix, and L3.  We are line maintenance and support approved.  We also provide L3 Communications troubleshooting and support.  Radio repairs are done in shop.  FAA Certification and Operation Specifications (Ops Specs) are available upon request. 

South Florida Avionics Fort Lauderdale

Along with general aviation avionics repair, AEI also services many common autopilot systems, including Century 1, Century 2, Century 3, and Century 4, and the Altimatic 3B (IIIB) except for the altitude chamber. We also service the Cessna 200, 300, 400B, 800B, King KAP-140, KAP-150, KFC-150,  KFC-200 and Bendix FCS-810 also known as the Piper Altimatic 5 (Altimatic V).  We also provide troubleshooting and line maintenance of S-TEC autopilots.

We have full capability to troubleshoot and repair most general aviation autopilots on the bench and personnel with decades of experience.



Call 954-535-0302
Ask for Al Vargas.

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Aircraft Radar Repair

In addition to autopilots we also service most general aviation radar systems such as the RDR-2000, RDS-81, RDS-82, RDR-130, RDR-150, RDR-160, RDR-230HP, RDR-1200, RDR-1300, RDR-1400, KWX-56, KWX-58, Primus 450 and Primus 650 and all Bendix  and Telephonics radars.  Our expert radar technician has over 44 years of experience with all aspects of avionics and is considered one of the leading experts in the eastern United States.




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